About Paul Counts

Paul Counts is a movie producer, author, and an internationally recognized information product creation expert who has created products for professional athletes and best selling authors. He has created dozens of step-by-step video products that have grossed millions of dollars in sales for himself, business partners, and clients.

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Counts has been generating money online since 2001 when he was 16 years old, and he has been earning a full time living online since 2005. As a senior in high school he started a SEO company for online businesses. Counts has been a serial entrepreneur his entire life when he started selling pencils in the second grade. He also was the host of his own radio show in Oklahoma that aired in 3 states called the “Count On Us Internet Profits” radio show.

He has teamed up with Eric Holmlund and Jeff Wellman to create the “Real Guys” brand, and together they have achieved Platinum status at Clickbank, have paid out over $750,000 to affiliates, and also were the number one affiliate for Clickbank’s own product launch called Clickbank University. They have shown the marketplace that being honest, open, and real is not bad! Paul Counts Speaking

Paul also is a business intermediary specialist and has helped sell millions of dollars in website businesses for his clients. He also actively buys and sells websites himself.

Recently he contributed to a couple of marketing books called “So What Do You Do? Volume 2” and “Here’s How I Did It”.

He and his wife Kristen founded a production company, and they are in the middle of actively producing a feature film and a web series with more to come soon! Leveraging his proven Internet marketing practices Paul is working to bring the movie and web series to the masses. Here is the teaser for the movie called “Unbelievers”.

You can get involved with the movie and stay updated here https://www.facebook.com/unbelieversmovie.

His specialties include product creation, list building, affiliate marketing, joint ventures, website evaluations, and traffic. He lives in the beautiful northwest across the water from Seattle with his wife, 3 kids, and 2 cats. They are active in and attend City Church in the Seattle region.


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