Proven Affiliate Marketing Case Study

I just made a case study video for you that shows you how I earn at least $1,000 to $10,000+ on short affiliate promotions that I get behind. You can even make income with this method if you don’t have an email list yet. Secure your online income now.


List of Websites Mentioned In Video

Here is a list of the websites I mentioned in the
video. Comment below if you have questions!

Hot New Affiliate Offer to Promote

This product is in a hot niche with huge demand with
proven vendors, and backed by an expert with a
formulat that has generated over 25 six or seven
figure launches!

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My Affiliate Review Page Example

This is one of my bonus review pages that performed very
well for me. Please feel free to hit ‘Save’ in your
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Video Screen Capture Software

Camtasia (Premium)

Jing (Free and Low Cost Option)
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Free Countdown Timer Service

Link Tracking Services

Solo Ads
Google Search: “your niche solo ad”

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I look forward to hearing your responses below!

4 Real Money Making Websites

One of the best ways that I can think of to show you how to make money online is to show you a few simple websites that are real, live, and making actual money online. If nothing else I hope that these 4 websites inspire you by showing you that with simple and basic websites you can succeed online.

None of these sites are making thousands online, but the whole point is to setup one of these type of sites or blogs at a time and drive traffic to it until you are making money from it. After it starts making you money then you setup another site. You can keep repeating these steps until you get a sustainable income that you are happy with. So say you have 5 sites averaging $100 per month for you, than that is $500/month. So if you keep building more up each month you could have 10 sites, 20 sites, 50 sites, and 100 sites or more all making you money.

Below the list of four websites I have some resources and tips that you can follow to scale building simple websites into a full time and sustainable income.

Website #1:

This website currently makes around $100/month and has done so for the past 8 months. It is your basic affiliate review site with a few articles reviewing the products and an article about learning to play piano online. This site was promoted with a couple of article submissions to article directories and a press release. Being built on WordPress the site was also optimized well for search engines and the keywords are focused around the product names.

Website #2:

Another basic affiliate review site here that promotes Website Legal Forms Generator software. This site has brought in pretty consistent side income since it was launched about 2 years ago. This site is run on WordPress.

Affiliate Marketing Website

Website #3:

This super basic website has made $10 to $15 per month with Google Adsense for the past several years. It was never promoted and only relied on a good targeted keyword rich domain name. It is in a market that is not extremely competitive that doesn’t have a lot of volume, yet it still makes consistent income. Again, you won’t get rich off something like this, but if you have enough sites earning you this each month it adds up.

This site is a very basic HTML site with Google Adsense at the top and bottom.

Make Money Online With Simple Websites


Website #4:

This website is another simple one monetized with Adsense and it is list building to get people on a list that are interested in playing games on social media. To date this site has generated over 40,000 active email subscribers and in Adsense earnings nets around $90 per month. One thing about this large email list is that they aren’t very responsive to emails. I think a lot of this stems from building a list in a market that targets a game which is mostly played by people who don’t necessarily spend a lot of money. The lesson learned is that you need to know your market spends money before building a list.

As you can see from the pictures below though this site is using the Lightbox Aweber option to put the email sign up offer right in front of the audience. This results in high conversions for this particular niche. The traffic comes from having a good keyword rich domain name and some very minor link building work. You can setup a simple HTML site like this or use the basic WordPress theme. Just find a market and target it.

Make Money Online With Simple Websites

Simple Way To Scale This Into A Full Time Business

As mentioned previously here are three tips you can follow to make setting up simple websites a full time business for you. There is strength in number. So the more sites you have generating an income for you, the better off you will be.

Tip #1: Find a Product to Promote as an Affiliate

You will want to find a product to promote. This could be a digital product or a physical product like a new HD TV, appliances, makeup, sports apparel, etc. You can find good products to promote by becoming an affiliate, a Clickbank affiliate, by signing up for the Commission Junction affiliate network, or the Share-A-Sale affiliate network.

Don’t over complicate this part of the process. Just find a quality product and see about becoming an affiliate for it. The easiest affiliate programs to get started with are or You can also just write a few good articles and drive traffic to a page that has Google Adsense on it as well.

Tip #2: Create Quality Website Content

For your sites you need to be willing to create some decent content focused on the topics you are going after. Don’t stress about having perfect keyword density with your content, just write good content for your readers and the search engines will reward you for it. A few articles will be good to start out with. In the articles and near the end of them make sure to include a call to action for your affiliate link if you are doing that.

If you want to monetize with Google Adsense just create several good articles and drive traffic to it.

Tip #3: Drive Traffic

This part of the process would take several articles to explain, but one of the best first ways to get traffic is to do a press release for your new site. Here is an article I have written on getting press release traffic.

Other traffic generation methods include writing articles and submitting them to article directories (still a viable traffic source for exposure and backlinks), social bookmarking, guest blogging, forums (using your signature line and posting relevant and quality comments), blog commenting (not making garbage comments, but quality ones), creating videos for uploading to YouTube, social media sites out there like or, etc. You can also spend a little on Google Adwords or MSN AdCenter to drive just a little traffic, but target very specific keywords to keep the costs down and your profits up.

Recommended Resources To Use

Here are 3 recommended resources and services that you can use to scale this up. You will want to get a reliable web hosting company that allows you to have multiple domain names, you will want a domain registrar that is trusted and doesn’t charge exorbitant rates, and you will want to look into a quality WordPress theme that gives you multiple options and unlimited site usage. These really will help you out and note the discounts I am offering you here.

Resource #1: Web Hosting – Save 25%

The recommended web host provider is HostGator which will let you host unlimited websites, has Fantastico for installing WordPress in a few clicks, has website traffic tracking tools integrated, is reliable, and has 24/7 customer support. To get these features you will want to go with the Baby Plan from them.

Click Here for HostGator Hosting

Use Coupon Code countonus25off for a 25% discount on your first payment when you are checking out! To maximize the discount the best thing you can do is pay for 12 months to 24 months. You can also pay monthly, but your discount would only be for like $2 and some change. If you register for a year or more your discount amounts to over $25 or a true 25% off the first year instead of just the first month.

Resource #2: Domain Names – $7.99 Domain Names

GoDaddy is the most trusted source for domain names. If you use the link below you can get domain names for $7.99 which can be a big savings as .com domains will often vary from $8.19 on up to $11 or more. A few bucks per domain adds up when you are buying several so take advantage of this discount.

Click Here for $7.99 GoDaddy Domain Names

Look at the yellow box near the top of the page with instructions on claiming your discount.

Resource #3: Socrates WordPress Theme

With the Socrates WordPress Theme you can create and monetize a WordPress blog in minutes.

– Created by Marketers for Marketers
– AdSense and ClickBank monetized
– Search Engine Optimized
– 220+ Niche Header Designs
– Top Notch Support Forum

Click Here for Socrates WordPress Theme

Take Action

The best way to make money online is to simply take action. As you can see from these website examples they don’t have to be perfect works of art to be profitable. Also, you can’t expect to get rich off just one of these basic affiliate sites, but you can make a decent income with several of them. So build them, promote them until the are making money, and build another one so your website portfolio keeps growing.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below! Thanks for reading my blog!

Internet Viral Marketing – How To Borrow Buzz for Traffic and Profits

How To “Borrow” Other People’s Buzz TODAY (Think Traffic!)
By Jimmy D. Brown

Did you know that other people “warm up” your customers for you with their “big product launches”?

And, did you further know, that a huge opportunity for you to create sales for YOUR product or a product you promote as an affiliate can be the result?

If, that is, you “borrow” the buzz that other people are generating.

Imagine this scenario…

Mr. Marketer creates a new $2,000 product.  He “launches” it with his friends.  Everyone on the forums is talking about it.  Every email sent out within the marketplace has something to say about it.  Bloggers are raving.  The whole industry is buzzing about the new launch.

The average conversion rate is 2%.  And that’s not on $2,000 products.  But, let’s assume that Mr. Marketer is the best in the biz.  And he can generate something obscene like 25% conversion rate on a $2,000 offer (which, by the way, ain’t likely to happen).

IF that were to happen, the flipside is this:  75% DON’T BUY.

In other words, for every 100 visitors to the “launch” site, 75 of them walk away without buying.

Were they uninterested?  If that’s the case, they likely wouldn’t have visited the site in the first place.

In the majority of the cases, they $2,000 price tag was out of their reach.  Not in the budget.  Don’t have the money.  Been there, done that … didn’t have the cash to buy the t-shirt!

So, what can we learn from this?

We can learn…

* These 75 out of every 100 who don’t buy are probably interested to some degree.

* These 75 out of every 100 have heard all of the buzz and have been “presold” on the premise of the product.

* These 75 out of every 100 are strong candidates to buy a lower-priced, related alternative.

That’s where YOU come into the picture.

You “borrow” the buzz that’s been generated for the big product being launched by talked about by everyone as you promote a lower-priced, related alternative!

Here’s how you do it…

1. Look for high-dollar launches in your market.

The first step is to keep your eye on the pulse of your market.  Whenever a major new product is being launched, get busy.  You’ll usually know days, if not weeks, in advance because that’s how launches work:  they do a lot of “pre” build-up work to get people salivating for the eventual launch.  Keep your eyes out for anything new in the works.

2. Promote a low-cost alternative.

It doesn’t matter if you write a quick 10-15 page report, promote your own existing product that is related or grab an affiliate link to some other existing product or service.  It doesn’t really matter WHERE you obtain this lower-priced alternative.  The important thing is that you find one.  It needs to be related to the topic of the big product being launched.  It can be related either (a) by teaching a similar concept, or (b) teaching a portion of the big product’s concept.

3. Write a mailing that explains the two options.

You’ll want to write a mailing to send to your subscribers or to post at your blog.  This mailing needs to contain three important elements…

– Content that presells.  Share some meaty nuggets related to the offer you are ultimately going to promote to set the table.

– A small blurb about big launch with your link. Mention the “major” launch briefly.  Describe it’s benefits and use an affiliate link of yours to point to the offer.  Mention that it’s only drawback is “price”.  Express that many people can’t afford it.

– A stronger promotion for your option.  Then, really hit home with this “lower-priced, related alternative”.  Let them know the benefits are similar at a fraction of the cost.  Be sure to point out that it’s priced for everyone — especially those who feel “left out” of the big budget launch because they can’t afford it.

Then, it’s just a matter of getting that mailing out to your subscribers.

Let’s look at what you have in place as a result of this strategy…

* You have two promotions:  a minor one for the same “major” launch everyone else is promoting, and a “major” one for the lower-priced, related alternative.

* You have “borrowed buzz”.  Everyone in the marketplace is warming up prospects with all of their “talk” about the importance of the subject matter of the “big product launch”.  They are primed and ready to buy … something!

* You have a spike in sales coming.

This is a wonderful strategy for getting extra sales.

Remember, there are always a whole lot more people who DON’T buy the product being offered in the “launch”, than those who do!  You’ve got a huge pool of prospects in the 75-98% of people who don’t buy the $2,000 offer.  Many of them WILL buy a lower-priced, related alternative.

So, the only thing left for you to do is get started.

And if you’ve like a shortcut, let me show you a quick way to do it TODAY.

You  have almost certainly seen that Product Launch Formula 3.0 (PLF3) has launched this week.  Everyone is talking about it. While there are a lot of different strategies and ideas involved in a “launch”, the backbone is the same…

*** Other people send you the majority of your traffic.

It’s obviously a very *HOT* topic right now.  People are scrambling to pay BIG BUCKS for the course.


Do you think everyone can afford it?

What about the tens of thousands of internet marketers who can’t afford it, but who ARE INTERESTED in the subject?

What a shame to let them sit by without getting any sales from them!

But, don’t worry — you CAN get sales from them!  Here’s how…

You offer them something for PENNIES on the dollar that provides the same end result:  other people sending them traffic for their products and services!

A few days ago Jimmy D. Brown announced a resale rights offer for his Sales Army Secrets course.

Click Here for Resale Rights to Sales Army Secrets

There are still licenses available for YOU to grab in order to sell a low-cost alternative to the high-dollar “launch” product that everyone is jabbering about.

***BUT IT GETS BETTER — FREE PLR to $20 Report! ***

Jimmy wrote a report several months ago which he briefly made available to one of his membership sites.  It’s entitled “How To Get R.I.C.H. With Your Own Affiliate Program”.

(It was pulled after a month and is no longer available anywhere.)

The report is 21 meaty pages in itself, but it also strongly promotes the Sales Army Secrets course at the end.

When you order one of the remaining licenses for Sales Army Secrets, Jimmy is going to give you (no cost!) a free PLR license to the special report!

You can sell the report for $20, give it away, do whatever you want with it (as long as you don’t misrepresent it or mention Jimmy in reference to it)…

…while using the endorsement at the close of the report to promote YOUR COPY of Sales Army Secrets!

It’s a ready-made marketing report to get people to buy Sales Army Secrets from you!  You can sell Sales Army Secrets for $97 per order and keep 100% of every sale!

Here’s what you need to do…

1. Click Here for Resale Rights to Sales Army Secrets

2. Register and open a ticket at Jimmy’s support center at and provide his staff with a copy of your receipt.

Within 24 hours someone will send you the download information for this special Free PLR offer.

That’s it!

Get one while it lasts…

Click Here for Resale Rights to Sales Army Secrets

There’s only ONE catch…

This special offer is for the next 3 days only.  On Friday, July 2nd at 10PM CDT, Jimmy is shutting down the license offer and this Free PLR offer.  They will no longer be available.  Officially “retired” at that point.

Click Here for Resale Rights to Sales Army Secrets

Then you can quickly “borrow the buzz” of those promoting PLF3!

Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunity – 8 Simple Steps

Here is an affiliate marketing business opportunity that you can follow in 8 simple steps to earn more online!

I like to give you actionable content and resources that you can use as you grow your business. I have personally used this method myself to generate some great income and have also helped many others do the same. The method involves targeting popular product names and getting targeted traffic from the search engines for this content.

So here is the strategy for you.

Step 1: Choose Your Product

In this first step you need to select a product to promote utilizing this system. The main things you want here is a product that is pretty popular. You can use products from Clickbank or Amazon for this phase. I have had success promoting both.

Like I did a website reviewing the Nintendo Wii Fit system and I got search engine traffic for people looking up information about that unit and still get some traffic to this day from those efforts.

So to pick a product in Clickbank you can go to their marketplace and look up products in the Advanced Search area. Select a list of products with a gravity score higher than 30 because that means those products are really popular. You can even do a score of 20 or above if you want, but understand the lower the gravity the less traffic overall.

Browse through the list and look for products that interest you or just look for products that look like they have a good sales page that you would like to promote or feel comfortable promoting. I would make a note of 10 products in the list and put them in a notepad file or something on your computer.

Next, go to Google and do a search for the title of that product by going to Google and searching for the following:

allintitle:product name

You want to find competition that is 10,000 or less when the search for the title of the product is done. This means you have a better shot at ranking.

Just do this process until you find a few products you can promote that fit this criteria.

Now for an Amazon product just go to Google and do a search for Amazon bestsellers. Next browse through the products and look for items that are $50 or more because you will earn more per sale. After you identify a few products try to apply the same filters as for Google to get some ideas of competition.

Step 2: Register Domain Name

The next step is that you need to pick up a domain name for the product you are promoting. For this step you have to be careful though because you can get in trouble for buying a domain with a product name for items you find on Amazon due to copyright so I have a way around this.

Now for Clickbank products having the product name in the domain is not as big of an issue for you.

Google and the other search engines put a lot of weight on having the keyword in the domain. So you want something like or Now if you have several of these the domain costs could start to add up so you can actually make these sub domains because the search engines treat a sub domain as a completely new URL.

So you could buy a generic domain to run all of your reviews from. So for example you could buy a domain like and then get subdomains like

If you are promoting the Clickbank product Fat Loss 4 Idiots you could have the domain

That seems long and nasty, but it can still work. If you were promoting Apple MacBook laptops you could say

In case you are wondering the pjc is just my initials to make it easier to come up with a name.

The best thing is to get the product name in the full domain, but this method also works and protects you from getting in trouble with the people that may own the trademark to those names.

I use GoDaddy to register my domains.

Step 3: Setup Web Hosting

You now need to get a good web hosting company that offers unlimited domains and plenty of storage. A use and recommend BlueHost for my hosting. You can sign up for them at the link below.

Click Here for BlueHost

For a low annual fee you get unlimited hosting with 24/7 customer support.

Most of you probably have an account with them or HostGator and if you do that is great! You just need to have a web host that also offers Cpanel and Fantastico or SimpleScripts for installing of WordPress.

After you pick your hosting go to the next step.

Step 4: Setup Review Site

Now you need to setup your website and this step is simple because you are using WordPress. You can even use the basic WordPress theme, but it helps if you use something that looks more professional and also a theme that is already setup to help you make money.

I am starting to use this new theme below.

Click Here For Pro WordPress Theme

It costs money, but I have found that it saves me a lot of time instead of spending hours trying to find the “perfect” WordPress theme that never comes along.

Now if you are on a tight budget you can go to Google and type in free WordPress themes and will have no problem finding themes to use!

So once you have picked out a theme you can install your blog. If you are using a web hosting provider with Cpanel you can use either Fantastico or SimpleScripts to install it with one click. It takes literally minutes.

Just make the name or title of your blog the name of the product and the word review behind it or something like that.

Also when looking for a theme try to go for a 2 column theme with the right side bar.

A plugin that I recommend you get that is free is the All-In-One SEO Plugin.

Step 5: Create Content and Post It

To make this work you need content and affiliate links or a banner on the right side. So you should create one article that would talk about the product and give some benefits of it. Within that article sprinkle in some affiliate links.

On the right sidebar you may want to also insert a banner for the product if they offer one or a product image that you can use as an affiliate for Amazon or something.

The important thing is that you get one piece of content on there. The more you do the better so try to shoot for 3 to 5 posts about that product overall.

Step 6: Promote Your Site

Now it is time to promote your product so for this I would do social bookmarking. You can go to to find a list of social sites. I would select 15 sites.

Further I would go to and ping your first post to help it get indexed as well.

Now there is more you can do here, but these basic things get the search engines indexed.

Step 7: More Promotion

You can do video marketing, submit press releases, submit content to web 2.0 sites like Squidoo or HubPages, submit to directories, and more. Any additional promotion will really help you make this something special.

Step 8: Repeat

As with anything it is important to follow the steps multiple times to increase your income. Sometimes one site you do may make your $100 and another one may make you $5,000. So the key is to be consistent and work towards a goal!


Below is a link to the two optional paid resources I recommended in here.

1. Web Hosting With BlueHost

Click Here for BlueHost

2. Professional WordPress Theme

Click Here For Pro WordPress Theme

I hope you found this strategy useful! Enjoy your day!

Google Sniper Bonus Offer and Review

I usually don’t get too excited about new traffic generation training programs that come out on the market, but after reviewing this new product called Google Sniper I was absolutely pumped and knew I had to share this content with you ASAP!

This product is put out by a young marketer that has found an amazingly simple system for achieving top 10 Google results in nearly any niche market for many money keyword phrases! He builds these simple websites that take about 2 hours to setup and overall this business is earning over 5 figures each and every month for him like clock work, and on complete and total autopilot!

He has found a way to get these top Google rankings fast and I was truly excited after reviewing this content! To make the decision to check out Google Sniper a no-brainer I have decided to put together an exclusive bonus package that you will only get if you purchase through my affiliate link.

You have a lot to gain by clicking on this link and reviewing my bonus and then clicking on the link on that page to grab your copy of Google Sniper while you still can! This is a truly powerful business model that is laid out for everyone from newbies to seasoned marketers. It is outstanding!

Have an excellent day