5 Proven Ways To Generate Profitable Ideas

Sometimes the hardest thing online is to come up with ideas that lead to profits for you. These can be ideas for entire products, ideas for articles or blog posts, ideas for niche markets to pursue, etc.

Here are 5 places I turn to when I am trying to come up with profitable ideas in my business. Not only are the places helpful for you, but read how I use each place to find profitable niche markets! This will really open your eyes up to some cool free ways you can do market research!

1. Amazon.com : Go to your favorite search engine and type in “Amazon Bestsellers”. This should bring up Amazon.com’s best sellers list across all the niches they sell in. You can browse for the hot items on everything from electronics to books and more!

When I was just on Amazon while writing this I found the number 2 most popular movie at the moment was a “How To” type video in the fitness niche market. So that means this niche is huge!

2. SourceForge.net: This open source software directory gives you access to literally hundreds of high quality software programs that are free. You can easily create video tutorials on how to best use some of this free software and sell the videos or build more into this niche after you test it out. There is software available for many different niche markets.

3. WarriorForum.com: As you guessed the Warrior Special Offer section within the Warrior Forum is loaded with daily research right at your finger tips. Every single day you can see which Warrior Special Offers are getting the most clicks, responds, and overall interest. This will tell you that it covers a topic people love.

For example I found that anything to do with WordPress seems to go really well on the Warrior Forum within the Internet marketing niche. It proved itself when I promoted more WordPress type offer to my lists. They always converted great and still do!

4. HubPages.com: You can go to Hubpages.com and click on “Topics” in the top navigation to see the topics that are most popular there. This will help you decide on a popular and profitable niche.

5. Flippa.com Just browse recent sites that have sold or sites currently for sale. When searching look out for websites being sold for more than $5,000. After finding these sites for sale browse their listing and see what type of product they were selling and check how they were earning their income if it was from affiliate commissions, Adsense, etc.

The higher priced sites generally are the ones that had good success so it would be wise to pursue the niche those sites are in and look at their sites to get some ideas for design, content, and keywords targeted.

Bonus Tip for Finding Profitable Niches

Private Label Rights (PLR) Ebooks: These are loaded with possibilities for you! A good package of PLR materials can give you all the ideas, research, and direction you need to succeed. Most of the time people that create PLR will not create it for a low demand niche market. I know this from experience as I only create PLR packages on topics that are popular.

I happen to have a set of 90 unrestricted PLR ebooks in popular niches for you to invest in for only the next 56 hours (about 2 days)! It gives you all the materials you need to create a nearly unlimited amount of products, content, and marketing materials.

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Just a few days ago I spoke with a good Internet marketing friend of mine who ended up investing in this package and he said he will be using the ebooks as a start point for a variety of ebooks that he will be selling, giving away, and just profiting from. The 90 ebooks alone allow you to make video courses and more!

Have a great day!


Paul Counts

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Autopilot Wealth Institute

I know one of your biggest frustrations when you are trying to make money online is that you are often times so close to actually succeeding, but there is just something you are not quite understanding. This one thing that you are stuck on is the difference between your success and failure often times. We have all been in this situation.

Imagine how comforting it would be to know that later in the week you could jump on a call with the gurus and ask them any question you have and get a direct response from them on the phone, and get your problem solved that was holding you back. Wouldn’t that be nice to be able to actually speak to the gurus that you are learning from?

There are many times when e-mail support just won’t help you solve your problem, and that is a major reason people can’t succeed because all they have access to is e-mail support with no phone support.

How would you like to be able to talk to the gurus once per week and get your difficult questions answered live in minutes? You can be on the phone with the gurus later this week getting your pressing Internet marketing questions answered.

The three gurus who will be getting on the call with you each week specialize in product creation, launching a product, list building, traffic generation and SEO, technical training and design questions, and much more. The team of gurus has been assembled to be able to answer almost any question you have live on these weekly calls.

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Keith Wellman, Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown, and I have put together a program that not only allows you to get the live support and help you need, but also a program that covers all the important elements you need to succeed online.

This team of successful online entrepreneurs has put together a one of a kind training and teaching platform called the Autopilot Wealth Institute which is setup for your success online.

Combined into one entire program they have strategically assembled all of the elements you need to potentially see real results online.

With the Autopilot Wealth Institute program you will have access to training in the areas of product creation and the launch process, list building, SEO and innovative traffic generation strategies, technical training, affiliate marketing, residual income training, and much more. Part of the program also includes training on how you can make money online in days instead of months, so you can start to achieve fast results online. On top of that they are giving you PLR to your very own high end multimedia video course so you can start with your own product that is proven to make cash.

They have their training on a proven professional and college level learning and teaching platform to help you get the most of your training. When you add in the live support and training each week you have all the tools you need to potentially and legitimately achieve the success you desire online.

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Now it is time to check out this short video to learn how this group of gurus that has been responsible for millions of dollars in online revenues over the years can help you achieve the results you finally are looking for, and get ready to speak to them in the next week and the weeks after that!

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Enlyten – Top MLM Business Opportunity of 2009

Let me just start off by saying that I am not huge into MLM, and I try to focus on just making money online, but you have to read this post hear to read why I was so excited about this opportunity.

A good friend of mine recently told me about a business opportunity he was getting into called Enlyten that was pretty exciting. So I of course checked it out, and looked at the opportunity to see if it was something I would want to pursue. I really didn’t plan on getting into something else that would distract me from my other projects, but soon after reviewing the details he sent me I was ready to sign up!

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The reason I was so excited and why I claim this to be the top MLM business opportunity of 2009 is because of several things.

1. Ground Floor Opportunity – The Enlyten business opportunity is young and to date less than 10,000 people across the whole country have even signed up, and the majority of those people are from the state of Oklahoma! This means there is incredible and exponential growth opportunities, and some serious untapped areas. There are 49 other states that barely have anyone in this opportunity!

This criteria is huge for me because I tried other MLM business opportunities before and found it was hard to promote because of the saturation of the market.

2. New Technology – Enlyten offers a new technology that is going to change the way people get nutrients into their system. Their special technology allows people to get energy or antioxidants or other nutrients through simple little strips that dissolve in the mouth. These all natural supplements go right into the blood stream so you get more of the nutrients than what you get from simply taking a pill.

This technology is so hot that even professional sports teams like the Buffalo Bills are using this product with their players. The company is coming out with new product lines as well.

To read more about the products visit – http://www.enlyten.com/ProductOverview.aspx?ID=pcounts

3. Online Marketing Opportunities – Unlike other MLM business opportunities, Enlyten actually lets you market yourself online and they even give you a free website upon sign up. The best part is the website doesn’t even cost a monthly fee like I have seen with other companies. Most other companies have harsh online marketing restrictions, and Enlyten seems to care about your success so they let you do whatever it takes to drive traffic to your website.

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This criteria is a must for me because I don’t like talking face to face with people about MLM opportunities unless I have to. I would rather generate my leads online, and Enlyten lets you do that.

4. Support Charity – They also support an excellent charitable organization with their proceeds as well. More details can be found here – http://www.enlyten.com/Charity.aspx?ID=pcounts

5. Excellent Compensation Plan – The Enlyten business opportunity gives you a tremendous compensation plan where you can not only profit from getting people into the business opportunity, but also from selling this great product directly to people you know, through the Internet, and to schools and other organizations that may purchase in bulk quantities.

For more details on the Enlyten business opportunity click here.

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On one more note anyone that decides to sign up for me will get my traffic generation products absolutely free! The reason is that I want to see you succeed so if I can teach you my ways to generate traffic than you will be able to make this business even more of a success!

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