Domain Name Sale

Today I have a really special opportunity for you. I have a collection of 18 11 aged domain names for sale. A few of these domains have websites with them, but many are just for the domains as I have done nothing with them. I acquired a lot of these domains a long while ago with the intention of doing something with them, but that never happened.

So this is your opportunity to capitalize in 2012 with some awesome domain names that are well aged. As you may already know the search engines like websites with aged domains.

If you are interested in any of these domains I ask that you email me at
support [at] paulcounts [dot] com with “Domain Sale” in the subject line.

Let me know which domain names you want. Since I can obviously only sell one of these I will give you a link to pay for them and you will have 24 hours from the time I send this link to pay for the domain or domains you want.

If you purchase the domains in sets of 3 I will give you a 20% discount off the total.

One last thing to point out is that in total the domains remaining equal $435 if you purchased all of them. For only one person if you want them all I will let you have them all for only $225. That would be a one time payment and you would own all of these remaining domains that are not marked sold.

All payments would need to be made with Visa or Mastercard. I can’t accept Paypal for this at the moment.

All 11 Domains Remaining – Special Price Is Only $225 To One Person

$100 – SUNTANNING.ME (Industry Keyword Domain Great for a Tanning Forum or Tanning Salon Site) Registered July 18, 2008

(SOLD) – 1STGOLFTIPS.COM (Includes Website)
Registered September 27, 2005

(SOLD) – ACNEKILLING.COM (Includes Website)
Registered June 7, 2007

$100 – PRESIDENT2012BLOG.COM (Includes .NET, .INFO, AND .ORG Extensions)
(Registered June 17, 2011)

$25 – AUCTIONSMAINE.COM (6+ Year Old Domain)
Registered January 17, 2005

(SOLD) – ANTIQUESME.COM (10+ Year Old Domain)
Registered September 5, 2001

$100 – CENTRALMAINEDIRECTORY.COM (11+ Year Old Domain)
Registered October 23, 2000

$50 – BLOGFREQUENTLY.COM (3+ Year Old Domain)
Registered  July 31, 2008)

(SOLD) – BADRENTERS.NET (First Page for Bad Renters With Some Adsense Income of About $10/month Includes Website) Registered July 21, 2002

$25 – HALLOWEENCOSTUMESPAD.COM (Hot industry keyword)
Registered October 3, 2008

(SOLD) – NCAALICENSEDMERCHANDISE.COM (Page One for NCAA icensed merchandise and licensed college apparel) Registered January 1, 2008

$10 – OTTAWAFENCECONTRACTOR.COM (Great Local Marketing Phrase)
Registered February 4, 2011

$25 – RINGTONESANYWHERE.COM (Great Targeted Aged Domain)
Registered September 1, 2004

(SOLD) – STILLAUTO.COM (Short 9+ Year Old Domain)
Registered July 31, 2002

(SOLD) – WEBCOMTOOLS.COM (Great for Internet marketing stuff.)
Registered October 28, 2006

Domain Suggestion Tool

I wanted to let you all know of an excellent domain suggestion tool that will help you when you determining a domain name. Go to

, and run a search for your niche keyword phrase. The tool will provide you with about 20 possible domains, and will tell you if they are available for purchase or not. This tool won’t give you great results all of the time, but I like to use it to get ideas for other domains, and than I will try different combinations. Before you get to the stage of getting a domain you do need to know the niche you will be exploring.

I recommend you read this post titled 3 Tips To Finding A Good Niche Market