How You Can Improve Conversion Rates On Your Website

How You Can Improve Conversion Rates

Learn how you can improve conversion rates on your website!

Here are some straightforward ways you can increase conversions. These techniques are being used very effectively by the some of the world’s best marketing specialists because they just flat out work.

The best part is that while all these are considered to be advanced strategies, in reality, they are all very easy and you can put them to use immediately.


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Scarcity Tactics

Scarcity is a something you’ve most likely seen on different sales pages. There is a wide range of strategies that you can use, however, they all basically work the same and it goes like this…

“Buy now before the end of the special pricing time frame or they’ll miss on that price.”

Now, what kind of specials would they miss out on?

Here are a couple of thoughts:

1. Special discounted prices that’ll rise substantially when the time frame expires.

2. An offer or deal they cannot get anywhere else.

3. Unavailability of the product (due to a shortage in inventory)

Basically, your job is to persuade customers to purchase your product right now.
Some customers may leave the website only to come back later to make the purchase. But a majority of visitors that leave your site will never return.

If you want to seal the deal and make the sale, then you’ve got to do it right now while the visitor is on your site. Never give them an opportunity to leave without buying.

If you need a fast, simple approach to use scarcity on your site, then use a countdown timer. To see how easy it is to set up a countdown timer, click here to see a short how-to video.

Scarcity is truly the most effective technique for getting sales because people simply hate missing out on a deal for something they really want. People just don’t like to pass up an opportunity on any deal.

By properly using scarcity strategies, you’ll get people to buy any given deal immediately instead of waiting and thinking about it. This little trick will increase your conversion rates more than anything else.

Offer Free Samples

Believe it or not, but offering visitors something for nothing can really be a great way to gain trust and make the sale and it is based on the principle of reciprocity.

Let’s take an example of a grocery store where free samples of a product are being given away.

Most people will end up buying this product (even if they really don’t want to) because they feel compelled to after receiving something for free.

Many will buy the product because they actually liked it….but also because they felt good about getting something for free. Now there are some that won’t buy at all, but some will still feel some level of guilt for getting something for nothing.

A similar thing might happen in a shopping mall’s food court. Somebody would offer you a sample of pizza and you wind up eating pizza rather than the burger you had initially thought you were going to have. This absolutely works because it has happened to me before.

You can even re-enforce the ‘guilt’ they feel by subtlety mentioning you just gave them something for free. Many companies and organizations use this technique any time they give out free samples.

Have you ever been through an experience where you got a free trial of something and the company followed up with and you and said, “We hope you’re making the most of your free, no-obligation trial!”

They are telling you that they’ve given you a free gift, and now they want you to purchase the real product or full version of the product.

The only advantage here is that the free sample won’t necessarily be anything of a large monetary value and will increase the amount you make in sales versus what it costs you to give these free samples away.

Provide Social Proof

You may have heard that word-of-mouth marketing is the best kind, and it’s absolutely true. Think of yourself as a consumer. Wouldn’t you buy something if someone you knew or trusted gave a product a five-star rating?

This is simply because people trust each other a lot more than they trust advertisers or marketers. This is no big surprise as most consumers are very skeptical.

Now there are different kinds of “social proofs” you can use on your websites to increase your credibility. Some of these include:

(a) Video Testimonials—Video testimonials are an excellent way to gain trust because visitors can see the feedback is coming from people that have actually made a purchase. Of course, it could be your mother and most loved cousins to begin with… however it will only help if the feedback is genuine.

(b) Testimonials—These alone most likely won’t do much unless you re-enforce them by including names and pictures of actual purchasers.

(c) Off-Site Reviews—If you can find people to offer positive feedback on their own sites, your product will sell more because of this third-party endorsement. Your products will basically be pre-sold when visitors land on your page from someone else’s site based on their recommendation. Be sure to link to these reviews from your site.

(d) Case Studies—Another excellent type of social proof is case studies. If you can find genuine cases of individuals who have used your products and profited from them, then these case studies can skyrocket your conversions.

(e) On-Page Popups—On-page popups cannot be blocked by the visitor the way standard popups can. Additionally, they work extremely well if they appear to be part of the actual page. The common types of On-Page popups you will see are lightbox popups or slide up popups.

Give a Strict One-Time Offer

A one-time offer is something you can offer on a very restricted basis. It’s a type of scarcity strategy, which we discussed earlier, yet it is extraordinarily effective, as it guarantees the visitor they will never see the offer again. If you offer this, make sure you offer it only once so your credibility doesn’t take a hit. If they see the same offer again later, they will never believe you again.
OTOs are generally shown after a customer makes a purchase and they don’t really affect your conversion rates, but they are effective at increasing the sales of other more advanced products or add-on products after the user has purchased your front-end offer.

Offer Various Payment Options

Have you ever realized that most online sales pages offer only two of the most common payment options—credits cards and PayPal? With the advancements being made in taking payments online you can now allow your potential customer’s various payment options like debit card payment or three-month deferred payment etc…

If your product is expensive then you may want to consider a more easy and affordable payment plan to help increase your sales. One of the easiest ways is to break the payment plan into three months of deferred payments.
For example, many would find it difficult to pay $200 at one time for a tablet but would be able to afford it in three installments.

So you could divide the sales price of your $200 product into a billing plan of $70 for three months. Then you would actually earn $10 extra for the same product just by letting the customer pay in installments. Try it and see the increasing conversions for yourself.

Know Your USP

USP? What does that mean to increase your conversions?

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition and your USP(s) is something that will separate you from your competitors in the eyes of your prospective customers.

Remember that a USP does not need to be unique to whatever you are selling and it might already be available in all of your rivals’ products. It is simply unique to your company since you highlight that feature and your competition doesn’t.

A well-known case of USP can be demonstrated with Claude Hopkins’ taking a tour through the Schlitz brewing plant.

While there, Hopkins saw the empty beer bottles being cleaned with steam.

The plant manager told him that he didn’t think that they could use the steam cleaning of empty bottles in the advertising because every beer company did exactly the same thing.

Hopkins understood that the normal consumer had no idea about this part of the process, so he highlighted this information in the Schlitz campaign, and the sales skyrocketed!

So remember, your USP isn’t essentially about being one of a kind. The USP is about telling your clients something that’s unique about you or your product.

6 Must Read Internet Marketing Articles

I wanted to share 6 resources including articles that I have found personally useful to my success making money online. I hope you will take the time to review these and share your favorite marketing articles below in the comment section.

#1) Google’s Own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide


As you know search engine optimization can be an important way to get free website visitors. The problem is that it can be hit or miss, and a difficult thing to completely understand. Even though you can’t rely completley on SEO as your only traffic source I still advise you to at least make sure you have the basics implemented on your site.

Google has actually created their own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide as a PDF that you can download and read at your convenience.

Click Here for Google’s SEO Starter Guide PDF

To further enhance the SEO you do moving forward make sure you are using social sharing buttons on your site. These are links that visitors can click on to share the content on your site to Facebook, TWitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

If you are using WordPress you can use the Digg Digg plugin or for your static HTML or PHP sites you can use the sharing options available at They also have a WordPress plgin you can use.

addthis-socialsharingThe key to good SEO is having good content that is good for your users, and that will lead to shares and potential backlinks for your content.



#2) Get The Inside Scoop On Joint Ventures

ericstipsArguably the fastest and most targeted source of website traffic will come from joint venture partners. These are people in your niche market that have email lists that can promote for you. Eric Holmlund of Eric’s Tips lays out in detail the process he goes through to get joint venture partners.

Eric knows his stuff about this topic and he has made millions in the process because of joint venture partners. He is one of the most qualified people in the industry to talk about this topic. I am also proud to say Eric is a good friend and business partner with myself and Jeff Wellman in the Real Coaching Club.

If there is any lesson you take to heart it is this one on joint ventures.

Click Here For Eric’s Joint Venture Lesson

#3) Make Your website Work Across Multiple Devices


Learn how to build a website that works on all devices from smartphones, to laptops, to tablets, TVs, and more. With changing technologies more and more people are accessing the web away from their desktop computers or laptops for that matter.

It is more important than ever before to ensure you have a site that works across all platforms. This article will help you learn the basics of multi-device websites, teach you how to test your current website, and further assist with the building of a multi-device website.

This is a collection of articles from Google’s new Think Insights. You can get full articles and case studies here to ensure you are on top of the trends with mobile site optimization, and how this plays into your marketing efforts.

#4) How To Make $1,000,000 Per Month With Digital Products

This is by far the best interview I have ever read on the topic of making money with digital products. Even though this interview was done about 2 years ago it is still extremely relevant today, and this is some awesome evergreen content on the topic of information marketing. Mike Greary who is famous for his course on Clickbank called ebook_cover_medium“The Truth About Abs” reveals deep insights into how he has taken this one digital product and transformed it into an enterprise that is generating over $1,000,000 in sales each and every month!

You also can’t go wrong with the interviewer which is Tim Ferriss.



Click Here To Read The Interview With Mike Greary

#5) 10 Lessons From A 100K Pageview Post

This article gives you a behind the scenes look at how the author had a single blog post get over 100,000 views! You can glean a lot of insight into how to create content for your blog so you increase the shares, traffic, and exposure for your website online.

Creating content like he lays out is exactly what the search engines are looking for. Use his insights as a guide for your next blog post, and you should see some great results!

Click Here To Read This Article

#6)  What To Expect In SEO The Coming Months

Anyone remotely interested in getting free, targeted traffic from Google or other search engines through search engine optimization should watch this recent video from Matt Cutts who works at Google.

He provides some of the top information out there, and gives you insights that only a Google employee can. You can click here to go to his blog post.


I hope you enjoyed these articles or resources. Make sure you bookmark this link for future reference. Which resource that I provided above was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to share your favorite marketing article.

How To Earn Money Online From A Coffee Shop

Recently my business partners’ Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman, and I created a fun video for you demonstrating that you can literally make money online anywhere that you can get an  Internet connection and with any device that works for you!

Check it out and let me know your thoughts! We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. (For the record I don’t really use a computer that is that big…lol!)

If you want to get more results with your online business we invite you to try out our Real Coaching Club where you can get access to us at least twice per month, plus access our best training courses and materials in one plus, and also gain a new PLR package each month.

On a funny side note this video was made based on a true story that actually happened to me! I had a local SEO customer meet me in a coffee shop and they seriously brought in their entire desktop computer with them! It took them multiple trips to the car before they got it all inside! Meanwhile I am just sitting there while the coffee shop patrons look on in amazement.

The other interesting thing is that the owner of the coffee shop where we shot this video told us a story about how someone came into a coffee shop once and requested the free “Wiffie” as they pointed to the sign that said ‘Free Wi-Fi’!

While we were hanging out at Eric’s place in Colorado we also shot a video at a baseball game and another one on top of a small mountain that we climbed!

Thanks for being a subscriber and give me your feedback and thoughts below!

Odesk Outsourcing Review: Automate Your Business

For this blog post I wanted to share with you the resource that I have found that enables me to automate my business through outsourcing. I am not going to send you to a video to watch or anything like that.

My intention is to just share with you the site I personally use to find people I can outsource tasks to for a very low cost. It is Odesk.

Click Here To Do More with Less on oDesk

I am talking about article writers for $3.50 per article, link building assistants for $2.00 per hour or less, article submitters for pennies on the dollar, graphic designers for next to nothing, and more. Outsourcing daily tasks like article writing, creating graphics, link building, content submission, uploading websites, etc. can really increase your profits because you get more done!

Well, you have heard about people that outsource things for very little money and I just came across this site about a year ago that helped me find low cost and quality outsourcers. It is ODesk and here is the link below to sign up for your free account.

Click Here To Do More with Less on oDesk

I am excited to share this with you because I would go to Internet marketing events and talk to other marketers I knew that were having lots of success and they kept claiming they could find outsourcers for $2.00 per hour or less.

So I would try to find places to get these employees for myself and never could find anything. Finally after someone told me another story about finding cheap outsourcing I just asked how they were doing this and if they were being serious.

So they shared with me that they were using ODesk and the way they posted their projects was how they found these employees! I of course quickly went to their website and to my surprise I found employees that were thrilled to work for next to nothing and I even found an quality article writer for $3.50 per article which is unheard of nowadays!

The key to getting what you want out of outsourcing is to state the price you are willing to pay in the project. I know that may sound simple, but I used to just post projects without saying what I was
willing to pay. So I finally stated I was looking to pay $2.00 to $3.00 per hour for this work and I got tons of people bidding in that range! I did the same thing for the article work and said I wanted to spend $3.50 per article and I got a ton of bids still!

So here is the link to Odesk so you can sign up for your free account!

Just imagine how powerful it would be if you could almost name your price and have an army of professionals ready to help you set things up for you! It can save you time and money using this site!

Another benefit of ODesk is that you pay them and then they pay the outsourcer so you don’t have to mess with paper work and reporting of who you paid which also protects you and saves you time.

I know I am going to be using more outsourcing in the coming months to really take my business to the next level. It is free to get started at ODesk. They collect their fees after you pay the outsourcer for their work. They get paid a small percentage as a finder’s fee which is very low. So no monthly fees and you can use them whenever you want!

Click Here To Start Outsourcing Your Business for Less

Let me know your thoughts below!

Teen Trades Phone for Porsche: Why This Deal Stinks!

I read on Yahoo News that a 17 year old teen did a series of trades on Craigslist that started with an old cell phone and ended with a Porsche Boxster. At first I thought this  was an awesome deal, but then I realized this deal actually stinks for this kid!

All of the trades that led up to the Porsche for this high school teen spanned 2 years and it took him 5 to 6 hours per day. That amounts to over 3,600 hours spent on this project which resulted in a $9,000 car (value of the 2000 Porsche he ended up with).

If he made only $7 per hour he would have made over $25,000 which is a loss of $14,000! Now imagine if he had devoted all of that time to starting a reliable and stable online business. The income could have been huge. Now, I am not insulting this teen at all. He is brilliant to have pulled this off, but I want you to think about spending your time more wisely each day and ensure the stuff you are doing is helping your business.

Time Is Very Important

Speaking of time that reminds me that you can have a millionaire blogger’s expert team setup a money making blog for you! Only a few more spaces are available so act fast on this deal!

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