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Steps To Building Profitable Keyword Lists

Building profitable keyword lists is extremely important to your business so I decided to put together this free downloadable PDF for you on this exact topic.

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You can use a profitable keyword list to come up with blog post topics, ideas for videos, articles, short reports, possible title tags for your product pages, keywords for websites, and more. The point is that any good online marketing campaign will begin with a keyword list. Even if you are just trying to find your niche you can use this free keyword research report.

Learn how to do keyword research the proper way and uncover profitable keywords for your business.

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5 Proven Ways To Generate Profitable Ideas

Sometimes the hardest thing online is to come up with ideas that lead to profits for you. These can be ideas for entire products, ideas for articles or blog posts, ideas for niche markets to pursue, etc.

Here are 5 places I turn to when I am trying to come up with profitable ideas in my business. Not only are the places helpful for you, but read how I use each place to find profitable niche markets! This will really open your eyes up to some cool free ways you can do market research!

1. Amazon.com : Go to your favorite search engine and type in “Amazon Bestsellers”. This should bring up Amazon.com’s best sellers list across all the niches they sell in. You can browse for the hot items on everything from electronics to books and more!

When I was just on Amazon while writing this I found the number 2 most popular movie at the moment was a “How To” type video in the fitness niche market. So that means this niche is huge!

2. SourceForge.net: This open source software directory gives you access to literally hundreds of high quality software programs that are free. You can easily create video tutorials on how to best use some of this free software and sell the videos or build more into this niche after you test it out. There is software available for many different niche markets.

3. WarriorForum.com: As you guessed the Warrior Special Offer section within the Warrior Forum is loaded with daily research right at your finger tips. Every single day you can see which Warrior Special Offers are getting the most clicks, responds, and overall interest. This will tell you that it covers a topic people love.

For example I found that anything to do with WordPress seems to go really well on the Warrior Forum within the Internet marketing niche. It proved itself when I promoted more WordPress type offer to my lists. They always converted great and still do!

4. HubPages.com: You can go to Hubpages.com and click on “Topics” in the top navigation to see the topics that are most popular there. This will help you decide on a popular and profitable niche.

5. Flippa.com Just browse recent sites that have sold or sites currently for sale. When searching look out for websites being sold for more than $5,000. After finding these sites for sale browse their listing and see what type of product they were selling and check how they were earning their income if it was from affiliate commissions, Adsense, etc.

The higher priced sites generally are the ones that had good success so it would be wise to pursue the niche those sites are in and look at their sites to get some ideas for design, content, and keywords targeted.

Bonus Tip for Finding Profitable Niches

Private Label Rights (PLR) Ebooks

: These are loaded with possibilities for you! A good package of PLR materials can give you all the ideas, research, and direction you need to succeed. Most of the time people that create PLR will not create it for a low demand niche market. I know this from experience as I only create PLR packages on topics that are popular.

I happen to have a set of 90 unrestricted PLR ebooks in popular niches for you to invest in for only the next 56 hours (about 2 days)! It gives you all the materials you need to create a nearly unlimited amount of products, content, and marketing materials.

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Just a few days ago I spoke with a good Internet marketing friend of mine who ended up investing in this package and he said he will be using the ebooks as a start point for a variety of ebooks that he will be selling, giving away, and just profiting from. The 90 ebooks alone allow you to make video courses and more!

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Surprising & Yet Powerful Niche Marketing Research

Finding good niche markets to go into is an area that holds a lot of people back. Recently I have been using a really cool way to find profitable niche markets. Watch this video below to find out all about this cool niche research method.


These were the links mentioned in the video. Just browse these websites to find potential niches that you can profit from. Look at the websites for sale and see how much they are selling for, how much revenue or profits they have earned, and how the person running them has profited online.

1) www.Flippa.com
2) www.WebsiteProperties.com
3) www.BizBuySell.com
4) BusinessBroker [dot] net
5) www.BusinessesforSale.com


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Please leave your comments below to let me know your thoughts on this video and idea for niche marketing research. Thanks for reading my blog and stay tuned for more training coming your way soon!

Finding Your Niche Videos – Free

Niche research is something that many online marketers struggle with. I know it is not easy, so I have put together two videos that you can watch on niche research that will probably open your eyes to some extremely simple methods for conducting free niche research.

When you click on the links they will open directly to the video that is streamed online for you! Enjoy your step-by-step training.

Watch Video 1

Watch Video 2

Let me know your thoughts on these free training videos and make sure you sign up to the right of this post to recieve a 7 part video series absolutely free!