6 High Page Rank Article Directories

Getting backlinks to your website from high traffic sites is a great way to not only get more people to look at your website, but also works well for building backlinks to your site. The more links you get the better your site is in the eyes of the search engines.

The problem is that it can be hard to find good quailty sources to post your articles on that would result in both traffic and a quality backlink. The Google search engine in particular views links from high authority sites as stronger than from other sites. So when spending time creating content and working to get backlinks it would be helpful to ensure you are posting your content on the best sites possible.

Below I have researched and found for you 6 article directories that you can start creating content for and submitting to generate content. You may have heard of many of these, but I am sure there will be one you hadn’t heard of yet.

Browse this list below.

www.thefreelibrary.com (PR7)
www.selfgrowth.com (PR6)
www.ezinearticles.com (PR6)
www.netymon.com (PR6)
www.articlecity.com (PR6)


There is debate out there that search engines are discounting backlinks from article directories. I personally come from the school of thought that a link to your site is a positive one in almost all cases. So you may not get the huge search engine boost you think, but the article is on a high traffic site. A few of these sites I didn’t know about either until I did my research on them. One of them that I had never heard about generates over 1 million unique visitors every month. So even if the backlink doesn’t work you still could get some people that visit your site from the article.

Either way article marketing is still a viable way to generate traffic.

Update: Below I have a link to a website which ranks the top 50 article submission sites based on traffic volume and page rank. This is a resource that you don’t want to be without!

Check Out The Top 50 Article Directories Now

If you have other article directories you would like to recommend please provide your comments below!

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Underground Traffic Blueprints Honest Review – Simon Hodgkinson & Jeremy Gislason

I know by now you have heard about Underground Traffic Blueprints that just went live earlier today. Well, I decided to give you an honest review of this product because I just bought it today!

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This product is shaking up the Internet marketing community for good reason because it is delivering some new and innovative methods for getting more traffic and you know that more traffic means more money.

First Impressions

After investing in this program I was immediately taken to a page to setup my account. There were no one time offers or upsells to speak of! I got what I paid for and within minutes was watching the videos in the backend. I liked this a lot!


As far as the content goes it was step-by-step and gave a great overview of each strategy so after watching you can start taking action. My one complaint is that I felt like some of the videos took a few minutes to get to the step-by-step training, but you can easily fast forward or rewind the videos if you want to get to the meat of the content quickly.

Phase number 1 part 1 covered a unique Adwords method which I personally use and know works well. In part 2 it covered an autoblogging method that I hadn’t seen used before to drive tons of niche and focused traffic to your offers. Finally, in part 3 of phase 1 you will learn about a truly underground article marketing strategy that is rarely taught in this way, and again a method I endorse for working for me!

Read more about this course and pick it up because it is worth the investment! The price is very low considering all of the knowledge you gain from it.

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There is still 3 more phases I need to go through and a bonus video, but I will say the strategies learned in just phase 1 was worth the investment for me all together!

Underground Traffic Strategies Recap

So to recap, you will likely learn new traffic methods that do work. Even if you have heard of some of these methods I know you will find something new because I am an advanced marketer, and I learned some new things that I will use to improve my business.

I bought this course to see if it lived up to the sales page and it certainly did which is why I wanted to recommend this to you. I did not get a review copy, but I invested in this and I feel you should as well!

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If you do buy from my link above I will give you a free copy of Sales Army Secrets which is a $67 course similar to Product Launch Formula that shows you how to get JV partners to send you tons of traffic to your offers.

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Let me know if you need anything!

6 Steps To Video Marketing Success

Marketing your business online is becoming more and more important every single day. Statistics are showing that original advertising methods are slowly becoming less effective because of the emergence of the Internet. In this article I want to lay out a simple, effective strategy for how you can start promoting your business online even if you don’t have a website.

Want to know the best part of this strategy? It is absolutely free to implement!

I am going to show you how you can use video marketing to increase your exposure. Video marketing is so important because video hosting sites like YouTube will come up in the search engine results and also the YouTube site alone has more activity than the Yahoo and MSN search engines! That shows you how effective this can be for your business.

Here are the steps.

Step 1: Record Your Video – Using a basic web cam on your laptop or a digital camera that lets you shoot short videos you can create a video. Just record yourself talking about your business, your services, and introduce people to who you are.

Step 2: Add Phone Number To Your Video – Import your video into Windows Movie Maker, a free software on your computer. Use the caption wizard option to add your phone number to the bottom of the video so it shows up below you while playing. Use their tutorials to do this.

Step 3: Create Your Video – Next you create your video by choosing the Publish Movie option. Save it to your computer.

Step 4: Promote Your Video – Upload your video to video hosting sites by uploading it to YouTube.com and Revver.com.

Step 5: Submit Your Video – After uploading your video to their sites submit the video by putting in a title which should be your main keyword phrase your customers would use to find you online. For example if you are a flower shop in Stillwater you would say. Stillwater, Oklahoma Flower Shop for your video title. In your description include your phone number there. For tags or keywords use your main keyword phrase for your niche market.

Step 6: Bookmark Your Video – An optional, but effective strategy is to go to Digg.com  and bookmark your video on their site. Submit the link to your video and make the title of the link be your main keyword phrase to further promote your business and video online.

Now, you can repeat this step for additional keyword phrases and are working towards getting more exposure for your business online.

8 Steps To Mega Traffic FREE Report and Audio

I wanted to let you know that the free report and 1 hour recorded teleseminar offer discussing 8 strategies for mega web traffic is live and ready to be downloaded at www.SuccessNetTraffic.com. You will want to make sure you get your hands on this valuable information as it can really help your business explode. The recorded call is with Michael Angier, a well-renowned author and business success coach. On the call I shared some extremely valuable content, and I lost my breath part way through the call because I was delivering so much content. Make sure you listen to the call to catch some of the nuggets.

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Traffic Geyser Review – Increase Website Traffic

Traffic Geyser is an amazing tool that every Internet marketer should have in their toolbox. This tool is simple to use and the results are amazing. I can submit a video through this tool and within just a few hours I can already start to see traffic. Often times within the first 24 hours I have achieved top 10 positions in Google for some highly competitive phrases. Further most of these top Google positions stay at the top of the search engines, and are still there bringing in targeted website visitors.

Apart from just submitting videos this tool also bookmarks your website URL to popular social bookmarking websites. It will also embed a copy of your video into a WordPress.com account automatically, and it will also strip out the audio portion of your video and submit it to podcasting directories.

You simply can’t go wrong with Traffic Geyser. Check out my video below showing some proof of how great Traffic Geyser is.

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