JV Partners Are Just A Live Event Away

I used to believe that it would be impossible to ever find JV partners for anything that I was working on. I was sure mistaken because this last weekend I just got back from one of the most amazing events ever, and I connected with several people that will help me with the launch of my e-course that I am working on that will teach people about search engine optimization and other online marketing techniques. I also found some partners for my launch of a course for people which teaches them how to make money online from a place as simple as a coffee shop!

The event I personally attended was Ken McArthur’s JV Alert Live! I can’t say enough about this event. I encourage anyone who wants to make money onine to attend the next JV Alert Live event which is scheduled for sometime in February, and I believe it is being held in Orlando, Florida. If you attend this event, and network with people you will be surprised to find there are many people who can help you promote your business.

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