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I have been telling you about this new web application called Landing Page Monkey that I purchased. I decided to include some answers to common questions from Jeremy Gislason who is one of the creator’s behind this awesome web based application!

Check out my bonuses and see this tool in action here. 

Question #1: Other than price, how does this compare to LeadPages service?

Answer: Leadpages is great we use it ourselves, but it’s expensive and beyond the reach of most average users so the pricing issue really is #1. It has a monthly charge where Landing Page Monkey is a one time fee!

The second key difference is the way it works.

Leadpages relies entirely on templates and they are quite rigid in what can be done. So if you don’t want your page to look the same as everyone elses then you’re out of luck with LeadPages.

With Landing Page Monkey we wanted things to be flexible enough so that no one has to have the same looking page and of course the big one is full screen video backgrounds

There are no templates inside LeadPages that do this.


Question #2: Does Landing Page Monkey support a/b testing?

Answer: Simple split testing would be a breeze with LPM. Create a page…clone it and in the clone (you can have as many as you like) change the headlines or graphics (or whatever is being split tested) download the pages to your server and then add those links into your split test system.

Just like any regular html / link based split test script.

One little bonus is LPM already has all the basic tracking and conversion stats covered (most people really don’t split test) it shows page impressions, actions (how many button clicks etc.)

We also provide a tracking pixel to add to success pages so real conversions (not just actions) can be tracked.


Question #3: Does Landing Page Monkey work with WordPress?

Answer: If you have a WordPress blog, no problem – We’ve put together a quick video that shows you how to integrate any of your new Landing Page Monkey pages into your blog. It’s really easy.


Question #4: Is LPM suitable for all browsers?

Answer: Yes Landing Page Monkey pages are designed to look great in all popular web browsers including: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome & Safari. You can use any browser to visit your dashboard. They also are mobile responsive so they look great on mobile devices as well!

Question #5: Is Landing Page Monkey Easy To Use?

Answer: Ease of use has been our #1 priority during the development of the software. There is nothing to install, just create your account and login to begin making your pages. You can preview the results as you go along and can go back and edit live pages in your dashboard (without having to re-edit the code on your page).

Click here to watch a demo of the software.

Question #6: Are there any limits or restrictions?

Answer: No we designed Landing Page Monkey to help you get more sales and opt-ins so you can create unlimited pages, have unlimited opt-ins/sign-ups and unlimited traffic to your pages hosted by us. We want you to get amazing results and don’t want to limit that.

Question #7: Can I sell Landing Page Monkey pages to clients?

If you want to use Landing Page Monkey to build, manage and sell pages to your clients you will need a Developer license. This is available now inside your account area. Developer license costs $497 but is currently discounted at $297 for all our ‘early bird’ launch buyers until Dec. 31st.

Note: You can sell or give away .LPM import/export templates to
your customers and partners to use but they will also need the software to use them.

Question #8: Do full screen video backgrounds work on mobile?

No autoplay video backgrounds will not work on mobile phones (a restriction beyond our control and set by the mobile phone companies so as not to consume bandwidth of their users). We have built in fall backs in place so that mobile visitors will see either a full screen background image or simple background color of your choice.


5 thoughts on “Landing Page Monkey FAQ and Bonuses

  1. As a newbie I have to say that there are a few things that
    have left me confused with LPM and this is the reason I have
    not bought it.

    I did send a query into the support team and they just said
    “watch the videos” – (Another reason for not buying!)

    If this was as easy as it is claimed, I would probably have
    bought this already and be using it.

    Maybe you could answer my queries – I hope so.

    Let’s assume I own the domain

    If I create a LPM optin page for say a free e-book for this
    site, what is the best way to promote a squeeze page that is
    totally unrelated to the domain. For example, the LPM hosted
    squeeze page could be

    Obviously is a lot better.

    I believe the LPM squeeze page can be hosted on a wordpress
    site, but having seen the training video I found it lacking.

    It seems that this is good enough for those who can already do
    what it takes and I doubt I am the only one.

    So basically, if I created aLPM squeeze page with the url how could I promote a free e-book,
    or whatever, and get people to

    It may seem trivial but for me it’s a massive hurdle.

    Thanks for your time.

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